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As a curious creator, I recently began exploring fibre art as a meditative practice to support me in my healing from chronic illness. To chronicle the process, I’m bringing some of my thoughts and musings from my journal pages to light on this digital space where I will share about all things art, health and lifestyle.

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Is it ok to eat peanut butter?

I want to work on listening to and being more in tune with my hunger cues. I need to. I only have a few symptoms lingering at this point in my healing journey and I think that’s a result of a few remaining pieces to be healed. My relationship with food being one of them.…

I procrastinate.

I procrastinate. Especially when it comes to my creative practice, and 90% of the time, I procrastinate by cooking. If cooking is what I default to over art, should I be pursuing the culinary arts instead? How do I determine my true path? When it comes to my career or future in art, I worry…

It’s safe to trust her.

I’ve been having an abundance of creative energy flowing through me again which is nice. It feels natural. It feels like a part of me is coming back. I think this return of creative energy is a result of me now having more space to receive it. And less blockages, significantly less blockages. It’s been…

Is fibre art a lesser art form?

I asked my mom recently if she still had any of her old macrame materials and supplies from when she explored the craft back in the day. “No,” she replied, “I didn’t think I would need those supplies to pass on to my kids…especially a talented artist like you”. What is that supposed to mean?…

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